Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Body guard Muneeswaran God

Muneeswaran is a guardian angel in the small villages and the people will think that muneeswaran is protecting them from all the evil things and protecting their village. We many see a big idol of muneeswaran will keep at the entrance of their village, they worship lord muneeswaran as their kaval deivam. Muneeswaran also in lot of forms as like other gods. They call him as Pal munni, Ratha muni, Kotai Muni and pattini muni.
In lot of houses we can see a three bricks with patta is Pal muni which is pure vegetarian, who doesn’t take animal sacrifices. Kotai muni is who usually take a hot pot and sword in his hand and round the village in the night times.
Body guard Muneeswaran is who will protect us from the accidents and who save our lives, in Chennai body guard muneeswaran temple is situated near to central Railway station and adjacent to Old central jail.  Most on Sundays we can see a huge crowd in the temple; on full moon day lot of pooja’s will be done. People who buy a new vehicle will come to this temple and put pooja’s to their vehicle and get blessing from Lord Body guard Muneeswaran, there is saying if we do so he save us from the accidents. Mostly devotees offering drinks, hen, goats and cigar to the god. It’s a very small temple with a huge crowd. In the temple premises they offer red and black color rope, if we tie the knot it will keep away us from all the evil things. Opposite to Lord Muneeswaran temple there is one Angala parameswari temple

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