Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Alangudi Dakshanamoorthy

Alangudi is a holy divine place for lord Dakshanamoorthy, alangudi is gurusthalam. Alangudi is renowned for its triglories ie., Moorthy, sthalam and theertham. Dakshanamoorthy also known as Brahaspathi due to his excellence in education and for his supreme intelligence. Alangudi is the place where Guru Bhagavan is in the form of Dakshanamoorthy. Alangudi is also one of nava graha place which is around kumbakonnam. Alangudi is situated in Southern bank of Cauvery River.

Alangudi is small village in thiruvarur village and 17 KMS from Kumbakkonam. Alangudi is surrounded by three holy water Cauvery, kolidam and vennaru, Chakra theertham is in front of the temple, which has been created by Lord Vishnu’s chakra. Special days for this temple on Guru peyarchi, lakhs of people gather here on Jupiter transit to the next zodiac sign and Masi Mah Guruvara dharshan ie., on 3rd Thursday on Masi month.

The best day for this temple is on Thursday. This is the best place for late marriage due to guru palan, every Thursday on Raghu kalam Vishnu sahasranamam pooja will conducted for the late marriage proposals. There is no hotel or lodge available in and around, need to stay in the temple premises or there will some marriage halls need to stay there only, but needs to aware of those persons they will charge highly for the room rents.

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