Sunday, 27 January 2013

Protect your Car / Motorcycle

Hi Friends, Most of us would have more than one vehicle / car / motor cycle for our personal use. Sometimes, we would use the car / motor cycle covers to protect our vehicle. But do we know whether it is really protecting our car / motor cycle from moisture, rust, corrosion ? To protect your classic car or motorcycle that you will use very rarely is a difficult job. Those kind of cars, motor cycles should not be spoiled with the bad weather, dust, any other moisture. How to protect them in a very efficient way and to maintain your vehicle always beautiful? This is the very common question to everyone’s mind. So we should know about the outdoor car cover or motor cycle cover. Have you heard about VCI products ? VCI products are used as a motor cycle cover and for car covers which will protect your car or motor cycle up to 5 years without any other maintenance. Usually vehicles will always get under attack from rust, corrosion and moisture. Those are very dangerous to the metal surface of a car or motor cycle.  With VCI technology, the outdoor car cover, motor covers are protecting completely with these elements. The invisible vapor with VCI technology used in your car, motorcycle cover will emit a very thin layer of molecules that are attracted to the surface of metal and act as an inhibitor to fight off rust, corrosion, and moisture on the metal. This technology will protect your car or motor cycle up  to 5 years.  This is harmless to human so that you can touch it with raw hands.  I hope this technology is really helping you to protect your cars and motorcycles. You can buy these outdoor covers and protect your vehicle from rust, corrosion and moisture.