Friday, 16 September 2011

Dangerous Chennai Beach

Chennai is also known as madras, it is populated with more than 4.3 5 million according to 2001 census. The Tamil film industry, is the second largest film industry in the India. It is located in South Eastern coast of India in the north-eastern part of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is the tropical climate with a specifically a tropical wet and dry climate. Chennai is very famous for beach. There are various beaches in Chennai, among them some of the famous beaches are Marina beach, Elliots Beach or Besant Nagar beach and Golden Beach. Most of the visitors coming over there, used to enjoy taking back and swimming over the. We all know that this beaches were effected with tsunami, after that the people were prohibited from swimming over there. After this tsunami, people were not allowed into the beach because many people were caused to injury and even lost their life. For that there is a serious action taken on the people who are taking part in the beach. After tsunami, big holes were caused into the death of the sea and even some poisonous insects and animals were entered into the beach. So you can able to see various police were in charged for taking care of this beach. Many visitors over the are saying that they have lost all the entertainment. But life is more important than having a entertainment. So I hope that even you will take care of yourself while you have a visit to Chennai Beach.

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