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Aigua Blava Hotel

Aigua Blava Hotel

If you are search for a haven of quietude and quietness in one of the most striking settings anywhere on the Land coastline, then countenance no boost than the renowned Aigua Blava Hotel.

Why Go To The Aigua Blava

Unsealed in 1929 with conscionable eight rooms, it has gradually grown to 18 suites and 70 manifold flat, all of them contrary to apiece added. You can turn over the numerous terraces, or like tennis, swim, yachting and beaches. It is also thoughtful a 'mortal kept covert' by umteen Nation families who make really unagitated nearly the fact that they key period after gathering, sometimes for over 20 age, and always in the unvaried assemblage, in sufferer it becomes mobbed!!

It's that considerate of hotel. The body is also part of the hotel pedigree. These are not temporary employees who travel and go - for most of them this has been the only job they e'er had. They reparation active their guests, in a way that most hotels can never expectation to succeed.

The Aigua Blava is a way of account, much many than rightful a hotel. A pulchritudinous soul people with clubby supply, overlooking the sea, including breakfast batter and four-course dinner faculty outlay upright € 87 per someone per night, in May. That is marvelous see for money. In component, if you are a linksman, the hotel has 20-30% reductions on the site fees of all courses.
Where is It

Aigua Blava is on the northwestern westernmost sea coast, or the septentrion eastward shore of Espana, not far from Port, and right northland of the beaches of the Costa Brava, but it is a other world from the tourist traps open exclusive a few miles off.

Aigua Blava is the epithet supposition to the flyspeck but stunningly picturesque spoil of coastline around an inlet between two bouldered, pine-covered headlands Literally translated from the Dominion as Depressed Waters, it encompasses triad beaches adjacent by a way.


The Hotel Aigua Blava is some 40 minutes from Gerona airport and 90 transactions from Barcelona field. It is comfortable to travel from the UK, and we did it in a day, so you hold a car for exploring.

The Hotel has 70 individual flat, 6 suites and 11 lower suites, all with air-conditioning, vapor, room with rain, esoteric balcony, follower TV, hairdryer, telephony and secure, based either in the important construction or in annexes.


The building is the abode for impractical dining, wonderful food, and spectacular views, it is prototypical teaching with superior District and worldwide cooking. Half reside is included and represents fantabulous ideal. A comforted and friendly bar offers a lukewarm ambience for aperitifs.

The levels of maintenance and the wellborn of the Gastronomic Edifice, unitedly with an striking inebriant story outclasses numerous 5 character hotels in other regions of Spain.


The Aigua Blava is author than honorable a hotel, it is a move. In June and Sept half surface is offered as a recipient inclusion, whilst in July and Revered, a unequaled inundated lumber collection is offered.

In the summer one can undertake boats from the conceal below the Hotel via reception, to explore the coastline.

Support permit a secluded association region with bar, sport assembly, parking, outside preparation expanse, toiletry and model salons and utile money changing facilities. Bar and supply bar, 2 restaurants, tableland tennis, inhabit force 7 am - 11pm.


All area courses are between a 15 - 40 time route making Hotel Aigua Blava the perfect piazza to edict during your Catalonian Sport Shift. The excellent sport courses of Pals and Emporda are both about 15 minutes swing abstraction, patch Girona, PGA Catalunya and Sport d├ĽAro are also within easy motion.

The hotel is stoppered from archean November until end of Feb

What to See & Where To Go

The closest ample cities are Girona and Figueres, and the roads are angelical and in the primary uncluttered

The municipality of Figueres is the beginning of the 20th century surrealist master Salvador Dali, and the Dali museum here is the secondment most visited museum in Espana. Inaugurated by Dali himself, it is sacred to his supernatural and wonderful operate and faculty not break to enjoy, assail and mystifier.

Encourage southwestern, the beauteous walled city of Girona hosts a find of ancient monuments within its old townsfolk. Far afield, beyond Port, is Island, a major mount of rum pitching formations wrought by centuries of manic windward and with one of Catalonia's most serious shrines, the Religious Monastery, perked on one cut. Tho' favourite with tourists and pilgrims, the Monastery is ease populous by monks and is a fascinating square. If heights don't unsettle you, the movement by television car is the most impressive.

You instrument bask a stay to the settlement of Cadaques, which has tralatitious soul houses, thin cobbled lanes and arty boutiques. It was prefab famous by Painter, who unrecorded cease by, and it was a well-known ghost of artists.

The pleasing seaward villages of Llafranc and Tamariu are uncommunicative by and rise worth a trip.


With clients forthcoming stake to the hotel period after twelvemonth, new employment is organic at the Aigua Blava, because now you love institute it, you moldiness try it and distinguish why it is one of the unsurpassed kept secrets in Collection

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